A properly maintained home exterior can save you money, impress your guests and attract buyers. Even if you have no plans to sell, improving your home's curb appeal boosts the value of your property and maintains your investment in your own home.

Details that Make a Difference

Expertly Installed Siding: Properly installed siding will withstand the test of time, enabling you to enjoy your home without worry. At Litchfield Builders, we work with all the latest moisture protection systems and have years of experience working with different materials from brick veneer to vinyl siding.

Decks Designed to Last: Decks boost property values while also giving owners more ways to enjoy their home. Using the most durable materials and the latest designs, we'll install the deck you've always wanted.

Exteriors to Fit Your Style & Master Plan: With so many landscaping choices available, many homeowners struggle to decide what to install and where. Whether you're seeking a patio for entertaining, a raised garden to display your growing prowess, or exterior lighting to accentuate your home's beauty, we'll present you with all the choices so you can design the landscape that's just right for your needs.

No matter what your goals for your home's exterior renovation, Litchfield Builders has the experience and skills necessary to beautify and improve your property. If you're ready to improve the exterior of your house and improve your curb appeal, fill out the form on this page to reach out to us today!

What Our Clients Have Said...