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Academic and Education Facilities

Putting the needs of your education facility first.

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Academic Facilities

Crafting the ideal academic environment for your learners.

Education facilities, from elementary schools to universities, have their own specific needs that take an experienced construction partner to meet. Your educational environment should be safe, functional, and well planned down to the smallest detail.

When you partner with Litchfield Builders, we do our best to work around your academic schedule to ensure there’s little disruption for your students and faculty.


Renovating education facilities is a delicate task. Whether you want to preserve historic buildings or ensure your renovations are functional for a large student body, it’s important you choose an experienced contractor to help you through this process.

Litchfield Builders has decades of experience working in all academic environments, and we can apply those skills to your project, as well. We understand the need for efficient, quality work delivered on time and on budget.

Restroom Renovations

Restrooms in academic facilities are high-traffic areas, and it’s essential that you have restrooms that are well constructed, reliable, and functional. We can ensure your restrooms are up to code and handicap accessible, able to accommodate your entire faculty and student body.

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Frequently Asked Questions
For your academic facility, it’s crucial that you have safe exit plans, both for the safety of staff and students and to ensure you’re up to code. Litchfield Builders can help you meet these requirements.
At Litchfield Builders, we’re familiar with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, especially as they pertain to public restrooms and handicap-accessible features. When we’re finished with your project, you will be in alignment with ADA regulations.
In addition to ADA requirements, we can help you align with any applicable municipality codes. Your academic facility will hold up against the strictest inspection.

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