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How to Calculate Your Kitchen Remodel


Establish Your Remodel Budget

How much are you willing to spend on your kitchen remodel? It's important to understand how much you are willing to spend before approaching any designs or materials.


Calculate Your Budget Breakdown

After you establish your budget, it's important to see how it will be allocated to the most important aspects of your kitchen remodel. This step will help you answer a lot of the underlying questions regarding your project.


Review With A Trusted Contractor

Talking with a professional early on in your planning process will help you understand your goals, map out any unexpected costs & find the best way to approach your project.

Project Specifications



Are you looking to or willing to move exterior window/doors?

Are you looking to or willing to move interior walls?

Your Estimated Project Breakdown

Design Fees (4%)


Installation (18%)


Appliances & Ventilation (14%)


Cabinetry & Hardware (35%)


Countertops (12%)


Lighting (5%)


Flooring (7%)


Doors & Windows (0%)


Walls & Ceilings (0%)


Faucets & Plumbing (4%)


Other (1%)


Total Budget (100%)


Let's Talk About Your Kitchen Remodeling Project.

Now that you understand the breakdown of your budget, it might be beneficial to talk through some of your remodeling ideas & goals.

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