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New Haven County Commercial Kitchens

Whether you're looking to replace fixtures, improve the functionality or creating an entirely new space, hiring the right firm to facilitate the construction of your commercial kitchen is the key to success. We can take you through the process step-by-step. We stay up to date on all the latest materials, innovations and requirements, so we can help your commercial property achieve its goals and reach new heights.

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Know the Commercial Kitchen Remodeling Process

Completing a successful commercial kitchen renovation is a specialty in the construction industry. At Litchfield Builders, we know what it takes to complete a commercial kitchen renovation and orchestrate the creation of kitchens that last for decades.

  • Design and materials
  • Making the most of your space and installing countertops where they're needed for food preparation and efficiency
  • Functionality and efficiency
  • Staying up to code
  • Budget practicality

Trust Litchfield Builders with your Commercial Kitchen needs

You want a kitchen you'll love for years, so pick a commercial contractor you can trust. With over 25 years of experience, Litchfield Builders has the skills, assets and experience to construct a commercial kitchen that will continue to meet your needs for many years to come.

From Our Commercial Kitchen Portfolio

Here's what people are saying about us.

“…Thank you for your gift of the design, construction, and installation of the base for the tabernacle in our new St. Catherine of Siena Chapel. Such generosity is truly extraordinary…. we are so very grateful…”

Julia M. McNamara
President, Albertus Magnus, New Haven

“Litchfield Builders completed [our project] efficiently, professionally, and with no additional charges. [This is yet] another testament to your consistently good service -- even with fussy clients..."

David Thompson AIA
Principal, David Thompson Architects, New Haven

"... I am ... grateful for the wonderful job Litchfield did with all of our projects... We are very pleased with the outcome, and you and your great people... should feel proud of what was built. Thank you!"

Jack Dwyer

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