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Time and Materials Contracts

When faced with a strict, unforeseen deadline, or indefinite plans, a Time and Materials Contract with Litchfield Builders can offer affordability and flexibility that you need to get your residential projects done right and on time. As a residential contractor of proven skill and high reputation, we can ensure quality work and a reasonable price.

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What is a Time and Materials Contract?

Residential Time and Materials Service (T&M) consists of open-ended contract work for homeowners. It is an ongoing agreement for various services or needs that are usually entered into for emergency work, larger projects with an unspecified scope, or homes that tend to require continuous maintenance.


When Should You Consider a Time & Materials Contract?

  • Residential Insurance Restoration
  • Recovery after storms, natural disasters, and home emergencies
  • Last-Minute Updates, Fixes or Remodeling Needs
  • Year-End Projects
  • Long-term Home Maintenance

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Here's what people are saying about us.

… Thank you for a wonderful experience dealing with the building trade. You have renewed our faith in the industry. Litchfield was specific [and honest] regarding the details of the project…[Their] advice was from experience and excellent; your goal was to please the consumer and you went above and beyond of what was expected…Thank you for a job well done.

Michael & Catherine Amodio
North Haven

"Your company did an amazing job from day one and we are so grateful for your expertise and professionalism."

Lynn Carney

…[Litchfield Builders] were the essence of professionalism; kind, considerate, and often displayed great patience…Our experience was wonderful. I would like to commend you and your team for a job well done and beyond the scope of that is normally expected for them... If there is ever a need for your services in the future, we would not hesitate to call you. We will most certainly recommend you to anyone that might need contract work in the future.

Wendy Chorney
New Haven

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