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We believe in the value of a strong contractor and architect relationship.

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The Architect and Contractor Partnership

What does a successful partnership look like?

We understand the elements of a good architect and builder relationship. In most projects, architects, and contractors have to work closely together to fully execute a clients vision.

As an architect looking for the right contractor to partner with on a project, there are a few key factors to consider. Great communication skills, willingness to collaborate, and the ability to solve problems as a team are just a few factors that make a successful partnership. 

Communication and Collaboration

Open collaboration between the architect and contractor is a key factor for a project's success 

Builders and architects must work together closely to meet the needs of the client. Without good communication and professionalism, projects risk going out of sync in regards to budget or schedule.

It's important to work with an experienced, reputable team with a clear style of communication, and a willingness to collaborate for the best results.

Process-Based Problem Solving

We work through the logistics together

Many problems can arise during a building project, and often, these problems must be worked out between the contractor and the architect.

This could include issues relating to budget, schedule, or procurement logistics. Spending time developing a functional professional relationship with your partnered contractor will help you overcome these problems.

Building a Lasting Relationship

Find a partner you can trust

At Litchfield, we're proud to be a self performing general contractor. Through working with architects for over 20 years, we’ve learned how to have a productive and effective relationship with many professionals in our industry.

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Having been a general contractor in the New Haven area for over 20 years, there are too many types of projects we haven’t worked on before.
We refer to ourselves as a big little company, meaning we are able to act like a larger company in terms of what we can accomplish but treat our customers as though theirs is the only project we are working on.
Being able to do what you say, when you say you will do it is only possible if you have the staff and facilities to make it happen.

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