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Corporate and Office Space Construction

Functional spaces for your workforce.

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Constructing offices that work for your business. Through renovations, restroom remodeling, and energy upgrades, we can help you construct the best space for your company.

You need a functional, comfortable workspace for your employees, but you also can’t afford disruptions that can occur with major construction projects. Choosing the right contractor is key to completing the job efficiently and to your specifications.

At Litchfield Builders, we understand the challenges you’re facing with corporate office spaces. You need the functionality to accommodate productivity, but you also need a space flexible enough to meet your company’s changing needs.


Does your current office space no longer meet the needs of your workforce? Maybe you’ve purchased a new location and want it to be more modern. Litchfield Builders has office renovations covered.

We can develop a construction plan with you that’s both affordable and high-quality, ensuring you get the most for your investment.

Restroom Remodels

Outdated restrooms can be a hassle for your employees and visiting customers. There are also certain regulations that you may not be meeting with outdated restrooms. We can help you bring your restrooms up to code and make them comfortable for your employees.

Energy Upgrades

If you’re in an older office space, there’s a good chance it’s not energy efficient, which could be costing your business a large sum in utilities each month.

Our experts at Litchfield Builders are skilled and able to upgrade your office to make it more energy efficient. You can maximize your cost savings with everything from better insulation to improved wiring.

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Frequently Asked Questions
An older office space probably wasn’t constructed in alignment with modern codes. Our construction experts can help you meet these codes and construct a safe workplace.
The Americans with Disabilities Act has protections for workers, and we know how these protections will impact your business. We can offer services like installing ramps or making your restrooms handicap accessible.

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