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New Haven County Commercial Exteriors

You can learn a lot about a business from the way the building looks. A properly maintained building exterior can impress clients, attract tenants, and wow employees. Keeping up with your property's exterior is a critical part of commercial building ownership.

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How Strong Is Your Building Envelope?

Having a strong and air tight building envelope is crucial to your commercial building structure. The right building envelope will create a climate-appropriate building environment for energy efficiency and sustainability. By having the right building components, you will see long-term operating cost decrease and a significant increase in energy efficiency.


Exteriors that Function & Enhance

So much goes into the exterior design of commercial properties. Trees can be installed to please the eye and shade the property, and garden beds may be used to line pathways and fill in empty spaces. In addition, commercial properties rely on exterior drainage systems to keep the building sound, and exterior lighting to guide the way at night.


Work with an Experienced CT Commercial Contractor

Many property owners struggle to decide what to install and where. We'll present you with all the choices and make recommendations based on your property's needs. No matter what your goals are for your commercial property, you can place your trust in Litchfield Builders. Fill out the form to start a conversation on how you can improve the exterior of your business.

From Our Commercial Exterior Portfolio

Here's what people are saying about us.

"I would highly recommend Litchfield Builders to anyone looking for quality work after storm damage. We had a devastating roof collapse at Imperial Pools in North Branford Feb. 6, 2011. We were back open within 4 weeks, and fully operational March 15th! Litchfield helped us with countless decisions along the way. Their entire staff was courteous and professional. I was amazed by their attention to detail and concern for our safety. If you are considering hiring Litchfield Builders, do not hesitate. I highly recommend them!"

Dawn Jacobson
Imperial Pools, North Branford

“…Litchfield Builders [got] the work done in a short period of time. Aside from taking down moldy sheetrock and rebuilding walls, they accepted the task of cleaning the toys to make them safe for the children. It seems not a minute was wasted from destruction to cleanup and buildup. Great orchestration by all!! It is my pleasure to work with all of you!”

Donna Schaefer
Manager, Yale Graduate Housing Operations, New Haven

"... I am ... grateful for the wonderful job Litchfield did with all of our projects... We are very pleased with the outcome, and you and your great people... should feel proud of what was built. Thank you!"

Jack Dwyer

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